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It’s October! Black cats are often associated with being spooky, but this means they have a negative stereotype associated with them.

Some people take the color of the cat into heavy consideration when looking for a new companion. This also goes for dogs! It’s a sad fact that black dogs and cats have a hard time finding homes.

To celebrate the awesomeness of black kitties, we would like to do a little showcase of black adoptable kitties! We also want to adopt to some shelters that are taking care of black kitties!
If you would like to nominate a kitty, please reblog with a link, or email us at admin@theinytabby.com

Want to find a black cat to show us? Try https://www.petfinder.com/ !


<3 Thank you!

I love my tiny panther!

Lulu’s Locker in Chicago is a rescue organization that focuses on black cats (and dogs)!

I used to have a black cat names Clover. She was awesome. I miss her. I loved her. I still love her. She is in heaven.